Embrace Your NOW


They come, and they come often without warning.

Frequently at the most inconvenient times in life.

Days begins to spiral in the wrong directions, causing your body to react and respond with a lethargic frequency and before you know it… CRASH!!

These trials and tribulations of life, whatever shape or form the come in, have no biases against its victim. They don’t see race, color, religion, sexual orientation, or any of the bullshit that society uses to divide us as people.

We all enter the battle equipped with the same god given tools it requires to come out the victor. What is that tool?

That tool is……

Control over one’s own mind!

This control can only be given and never taken away. No matter the circumstances or the uncontrollable circumstances you will indefinitely meet over a period of time, you can rest assured knowing… You have complete control over self.

Part of my mission is to show my followers that, behind the content I provide which you consume via whatever medium that may be: Facebook, Podcast, Instagram, Etc. Lies a real human being with similar struggles as those seeking to find themselves.

Time and its non stop journey have taught me to appreciate THE NOW.

I confess, I have not always won the battle against the trials and tribulations of the day. I have not always appreciated my NOW. It takes work.

I have awakened and been non responsive to the daily tasks that I am aware awaits me. Like yourself, I have been aware of what it takes to be my happiest self, yet allowed minute situations of life and day destroy MY NOW.


The realization that “Control over one’s mind” means that a single second is all that is required to have a change a view point.

3 Ways to Change your view point:

  1. Choose Optimism above all.
  2. Make someone else smile when you feel its impossible for you to smile for yourself.
  3. Express Gratitude

In Closing, you are the super hero you were created to be.

Go out and save the world one day at at time being YOU! The world needs you and all that you bring to it.

Embrace your NOW.



written by: laron